Oring (Industial PoE Switch)

Founded in 2005 , ORing specializes in developing innovative own-branded products for industrial settings. As the adoption of network technology in industrial environments increases, ORing has accumulated abundant experience in switch and wireless product design. With high product quality and best customer services in mind, ORing has continued to launch cutting-edge products based on its solid experience in the development of industrial switches, wireless devices, and serial equipment.
To achieve high product reliability, ORing has integrated failover and redundancy in products certificated for various industrial applications to ensure uninterrupted operation. Highly recognized and widely adopted by many international customers, ORing's products have been applied in surveillance, rail transport, industrial automation, power substations, renewable energy, and marine applications. ORing has set up many offices worldwide to provide real-time services and address customer needs. The high quality and stability of our products have great reputation from our customers in different industries.
Global Sales and Service Network
For best experience in getting ORing products and services, ORing has distributors throughout the world. ORing has well-trained sales professionals and channel partners with great understanding of markets in different regions of the world as well as excellent know-how of providing region-specific services to help clients in getting the right ORing product solutions to best satisfy their industrial networking needs.
All customers can contact ORing directly by email : sales_all@oringnet.com or through our worldwide distributors. The contact information for ORing's distributors can be found in ORing's Website (Where to buy) at www.oringnet.com

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